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Futon Mattress Cover

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Milk White
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When you use Japanese Futon, you need a futon cover! By washing the futon cover occasionally, you can sleep in a clean environment.

It is said that a person sweats about 2 cups of sweat during sleep. If sweat soaks into the futon, the bacteria will multiply, causing odor and you will end up sleeping in a filthy sleeping environment.

Get a good night's sleep in a clean sleeping environment with a high quality 100% cotton duvet cover!

Available for twin, full, and queen sizes.

Color: Gray and Navy
Twin 42x87inch (107x222cm)
full 57x87inch (147x222cm)
Queen 65x87inch (167x222cm)

✅ 100% cotton
✅ Durable with firm sewing
✅ Smooth and comfortable
✅ The size that fits the futon even when shrunk with a dryer
(Note: Please use the dryer after understanding as it may discolor a bit)
✅ Long Side has a zipper, which is easily removable and easy to wash.
✅ Twin, full, queen and futon covers of each size are available
✅ 2 colors, navy and gray


  • 100% Cotton
  • MATERIAL - 100% cotton. It is sewn beautifully, is thick, durable, and feels good, so it supports comfortable sleep. It is a necessity if you use a futon.
  • SIZE - 42x87inch (107x222cm). A twin long size futon cover for Japanese futon mattresses. This cover is ideal for BJDesign brand futons, and can also be used for other companies' futons.
  • MADE IN JAPAN - Vividly dyed in Kyoto, Japan. Two colors, gray and navy.
  • DRYER CAN BE USED - Made slightly larger than the actual size of the futon, you can use a dryer. Wash your futon cover regularly to keep your futon clean. Use a dryer with the knowledge that the dye may fade during washing.
  • SLIDES SMOOTH NICE ZIPPER - There is a zipper on the long side, you can open it and slide a futon inside. The zipper slides smoothly for easy put on.