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Futon Japan

4 inch Thick Ergonomic Comfort Japanese Futon

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Like the aesthetic and convenience of futons, but can’t stand the back pain that comes with it? Don't worry BJDesign brings the Original Japenese Futon for your comfortable and peaceful sleep.

One of the biggest concerns many have with futon mattresses is comfort. Because they’re set on the floor or wooden slats, futon mattresses may offer only minimal back support as opposed to mattresses on bed frames.

Without the protection that elevation provides, futon mattresses can easily attract mites, bedbugs, and ticks. As they’re so close to the floor, these beddings can also accumulate dust faster.

Enjoy both comfort and convenience. BJDesign’s Futon Mattress brings quality craftsmanship into your home.

Each one of our futon mattresses hails from Japan, the birthplace of futons itself. Behind your bedding is the expertise and skill of craftsmen who produce thousands of futon mattresses each year to strict specifications and exacting quality standards.

Our futon comes with twice the volume of cotton, fully supporting you through sound sleep each and every night. The sides are made of 100% 205 broad cottons; the solid cotton is made of 100% polyester for total support.

Unlike other mattresses, our quality bedding doesn’t come shipped vacuum-sealed, which keeps it from losing thickness and volume. Our futon mattress arrives ready to use, plush and supple.


  • 🌙 ERGONOMIC COMFORT - Here’s a futon mattress that finally offers firm back support. Our futon bed uses double the cotton in traditional mattresses, reducing back strain for a comfortable night's sleep.
  • 🌙 GENTLE ON SKIN - Built with 100% cotton side fabric that feels fluffy and smooth to the skin. You will get firm back support – allowing to our Twin size futon's three-layer structure.
  • 🌙 LOW MAINTENANCE - Unlike some futon mattresses, our futon needs no water washing. We recommend using BJDesign’s futon mattress cover to keep the mattress from getting dirty.
  • 🌙 ARTISAN QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - Each futon mattress has been carefully checked and finished by a craftsman in Japan. Created and imported from a factory that produces 500,000 sheets annually.
  • 🌙 USE ROOMS WIDELY - Japanese Futon can be folded and stored. Let's make your room minimal, clean and relaxing! Taking the Portable Futon to outdoor like camping is also good!

Not convinced yet? Here are more benefits:

🌙 Features a three-layer structure for thickness
🌙 Sizeable twin size bedding
🌙 Elastic and springy
🌙 Authentic traditional Japanese futon bedding
🌙 Ample elevation at more than 4 inches thick

Our Futon is Used in Luxury Traditional Ryokan

4 inch Thick Ergonomic Comfort Japanese Futon

We sell futons made by high-quality Japanese manufacture. While other futons are delivered in a vacuum-compressed package, our futons are not compressed and deliver in a fluffy condition without being compressed. We use twice as much cotton as other conventional futons, you can sleep comfortably because there is enough cushioning so that your back does not hurt even when you use it on the wood floor.


Each futon mattress has been carefully checked and finished by a craftsman in Japan. Created and imported from a factory that produces 500,000 sheets annually.​

Size Information:

Twin 80 x 36 x 4 Inch 6kg
Full 80 x 52 x 4 Inch 8.4kg
Queen 80 x 60 x 4 Inch 9.4kg

Product Information:

Country of origin Japan
Side Fabric Cotton 100%
Padding Polyester 50%, MIGHTYTOP®Ⅱ 50%
※Anti-Tick & Bacterial, Deodorant Material
Thickness 4 inch
Shipment Free & Priority Shipping from USA
Leadtime We ship within 3 business days

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