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Igusa Tatami Japanese Traditional Mattress

Thinking Of Transitioning To Sleeping On The Floor?

Sleeping on the floor comes with several health benefits. It helps boost blood circulation and reduces the likelihood of getting neck and back pain. It can even help reduce the risk of scoliosis.

But for all its benefits, sleeping on the floor can be daunting for many. For one thing, it appears terribly uncomfortable.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take full advantage of the benefits of sleeping on the floor without compromising your comfort?

Our tatami mat provides firm cushioning, allowing for enough comfort and stability. Woven from rush grass, our tatami also provides a balanced level of moisture to your room. It absorbs sweat, ammonia odor, and impurities. You’ll feel better as you breathe in cleaner air. For added comfort, use our tatami mat with a futon. You’ll be sleeping soundly at night!

  • EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP - Choose authenticity and comfort. Created by skilled Japanese artisans, our tatami mat bed boasts premium quality. It’s woven from the finest rush grass grown in Japan.
  • BASK IN CLEAN AIR - Our Japanese tatami mat absorbs moisture, sweat and odor, leaving the air feeling clean and fresh. Its rush material provides natural humidity control and air purification.
  • SMELLS LIKE FRESHLY CUT GRASS - You’ll love how our Japanese sleeping mats spread the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. It offers a relaxing atmosphere that will remind you of Japan.
  • WORKS PERFECTLY WITH A FUTON - This Japanese tatami mat is perfect for people who like to sleep on the floor. It provides moderate cushioning and works great as an oriental rug spread under a futon.
  • EASY TO STORE - Our mat remains thin and compact even when folded into three. Easily lean it against a corner or put into storage. Maximize the space of your bedroom, and have a comfy bed to sleep on!

The Japanese Traditional Igusa Tatami Mattress by BJdesign offers a pleasant way to sleep on the floor.

Although superior in quality, our mat is much more affordable than other brands. It’s definitely worth more than what you pay for.

Here are more reasons to love our tatami mat:

✅ Brings a Zen vibe to any room
✅ Extremely durable
✅ Lightweight at only 7lbs
✅ Easy to clean

Size Information:

Type Full Size/Tri-Folded Size Weight
Twin 83×39.4×0.5in/27.6×39.4×1.5in 5.73lb
Full 83×55.1×0.5in/27.6×55.1×1.5in 7.28lb

Product Information:

Country of origin  Japan
Material 100% Ruch Glass
Shipment Free & Priority Shipping from USA
Leadtime We ship within 3 business days

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